How to Write Financial Analyst Resume:Sample analyst resume

Published: 23rd February 2011
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A financial analyst is responsible for analyzing financial data, develop forecasts and spot the trends in the markets. They analyze if an investment is worth making. They are usually hired by the banks, insurance companies and businesses to assess the financial risks that should be taken. They are also responsible for measuring and analyzing the financial information. So if you choose this field, it is important to know how to write a financial analyst resume. This will increase your chances of being called for an interview.

Stevens Rogers,

86 West Street,

New York City,

NY 40009

Phone no.: (234) 555444888


Objectives (do not make the objective too long)

To apply my strong mathematical and analytical skills for the benefit of an organization. To develop strategies based on the requirements of a company to improve their performance.

Executive Summary (mention your professional experience and skills in brief here)

• Professional expertise of five years.

• Strong mathematical skills.

• Good knowledge of the current market trends.

• Excellent analytical skills

• Expertise in developing financial reporting and managing fiscal account.

Educational Qualifications

• Charted accountant

• Bachelor of Commerce from ABC University, with specialization in Financial Management

Work Experience (write your work experience in chronological order, along with the job responsibilities in detail)

Investment Advisor (2008-till date)

Financial Consultants, New York City, NY

• Analyze the current market trend and advise the clients on the various investments plans

• Make financial reports for companies that were in the process of being acquired and advise the client on the financial risks involved in acquiring that company

• Inform clients on the current market trends and make them aware of the risks involved in purchasing securities, bonds and shares.

ABC Inc.(2006-2008)

• Helped them set up a new branch office in Washington DC.

• Developed a budget plan and managed it till the new branch was established.

• Prepared financial reports and balance sheets.

• Advised the management on the risks involved in acquiring another company.

Computer Skills

• Expert in MS Office

• Basic Programming- C++, Java



• Awarded the ‘Best Employee of the Quarter’ by Financial Consultants

• Member of XYX Analysts Forum, New York

Areas of Interest

(Mention your hobbies that you have)

You can also put your name, cell no., and mail id o the header of the page. This way, your contact details will appear on every page of your resume and make things easy for the employer.

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